Mail and More Discount Coupon

It’s a horrible thing when you have a bunch of personal items to be shredded and you don’t have one. As a business, it’s really messy to have to tear up items and still don’t feel as comfortable as when you shred them. That’s understandable. Even if you aren’t a business, you may have the need for some office services. It’s... read more

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Visit any FedEx location with this printable coupon and save $10 on a $20 FedEx Express shipment. Shipping can be very expensive. Depending on all the elements involved, weight, dimensions, shipping location; a simple shipment can cost you a fortune. With this FedEx printable coupon, you’ll find yourself able to save $10 on the following FedEx services: FedEx... read more

Free Shipping at Sears Coupon Code

In 1492, Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue… yada yada yada. Thank you Columbus for accidentally discovering the Bahamas and thus North America, eventually leading to our wonderful holiday; Columbus Day! Sears, like most companies are making Columbus day a Marketing frenzy! Sears is giving away FREE shipping on all orders made before and one October 11th... read more