Scotch 3M Pet Hair Sweeper Save $2 Available at Target and Other Stores!

Yet again, another pet related product. This time it’s not about medication but it’s for cleaning. I find myself time and time again, sweeping pounds of dog fur off the floor every week. It get’s ridiculous. Scotch, a 3M company has decided to combat this phenomenom with their Fur Fighter Pet Hair Sweeper and are promoting it with a printable coupon.... read more

Scotch Lint or Pet Hair Roller Printable Coupon SAVE $1

When I had three cats, the Scotch Pet Hair Roller was a godsend. Honestly, the pet hair was so ubearable I couldn’t imagine anything could be worse. Now, I have a puppy who is a mutt of three different dogs and his shedding is so bad! I’ve never seen anything like it. My entire home is like a bed of fur! At least I can keep my clothes hair free after using... read more