Sparrow Pharmacy FREE digital thermometer Coupon

Many companies offer deals and free money when you transfer your prescription to their pharmacy. Sparrow Pharamcy Plus is no different. Their coupon is a little different than usual due to the offer for a free digital thermometer: Redeem this coupon for a FREE digital thermometer with your purchase of a new prescription, durable medical goods, or with a... read more

$10 OFF Tamiflu Prescription Coupon

Tamiflu is for treating people 1 year and older with influenza (the flu) whose symptoms started within the last two days. Tamiflu can also reduce the chance of getting the flu. Tamiflu is not a substitute for an annual flu vaccination. Save $10 on a prescription of Tamiflu oseltamivir phosphate. Take this coupon with you when you visit your doctor. Present... read more

Free 90-Day Prescription of Atorvastatin (Lipitor)

If you are interested in this printable coupon, then you are at a point where you realize how important lowering your blood cholesterol is for your body. By taking an atorvastatin prescription, you are taking the next step to stabilizing plaque and preventing a stroke through multiple mechanisms. This prescription drug (atorvastatin) suppresses an enzyme located in the... read more

Save $75 OFF Depakote Prescription

For those of you who suffer from seizures, taking medication is extremely important. Depakote is a vital prescription drug for seizure sufferers and thus lowering the cost is essential. By using this printable coupon you can save up to $75 off of your Depakote prescription. Here are the details: Available for Depakote divalproex sodium Delayed-Release Tablets Available... read more

Chantix Printable Coupon

Chantix is a very important and commonly used prescription drug. Chantix is a precription drug that medicates adults over the age of 18 years to help them overcome smoking. Of course emotional support is always important but many smokers have now become non-smokers due to Chantix. It is important to know that you may find yourself make the mistake of smoking while... read more

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