PetSmart $5 Printable Coupon

My dog is an absolute monster. He has eaten EVERYTHING you can imagine. This includes hair bands, toilet paper, cardboard, shoes, shoe laces, a skateboard, tv remote, AA batteries (yes plural as in more than one), string, clothing, both of his food and water bowls and who knows what else! Fortunately for me, I now have a $5 printable coupon to save on my new... read more

Scotch 3M Pet Hair Sweeper Save $2 Available at Target and Other Stores!

Yet again, another pet related product. This time it’s not about medication but it’s for cleaning. I find myself time and time again, sweeping pounds of dog fur off the floor every week. It get’s ridiculous. Scotch, a 3M company has decided to combat this phenomenom with their Fur Fighter Pet Hair Sweeper and are promoting it with a printable coupon.... read more

Frontline Plus or Top Spot buy 6 doses Get 1 Free!

Cat person or dog person? Personally I’m both. But I only have a dog at the moment. For my dog I use Frontline, and I’m sure the majority of pet owners do. Frontline is now offering a printable¬†coupon that you can send in to get 1 dose free. This printable coupon is applicable to those who buy their Frontline from their Veterinarian. Make sure you fill out... read more

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