Newark Airport Free Parking Coupon 2013

Here’s yet another Airport Parking Coupon at a very popular airport. The Newark Liberty International Airport or as the locals just call it Newark. If you use Newark Airport and park your vehicle in the daily lot P1/P3 for over 3 days, you get 1 day for free. If you park at the Economy Lot P6 for over 5 days, you get 1 day of parking free. So regardless of the... read more

JFK Airport Free Parking Coupon

Get free airport parking for a day at JFK International Airport. Yup, this is real. If you do a long-term stay at JFK Airport long-term parking, then you get a free day of parking after the 5th day. This is an unlimited offer and the customer must present a new coupon to the cashier upon each visit. What does that mean? In simple terms, you can print out as many copies... read more