Pollo Tropical Coupon 2013 Tangy Pineapple Chicken Salad

Today’s my lucky day, and yours as well! We just got in this Pollo Tropical Coupon 2013 for $1 off their Tangy Pineapple Chicken Salad. Every time we release a Pollo Tropical Coupon, everyone goes crazy. Pollo Tropical doesn’t often release coupons and when they do, it’s always on a tasty new item or beloved classic item like the Tropi-chop.... read more

Wendys Coupon 2013 Free Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta

With this brand new Wendys Coupon 2013 you redeem it to get a Free Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta. Wendy’s fast food’s latest slogan for the past several years is “Quality Is Our Recipe” and I believe it. Albeit, Wendy’s is a fast food restaurant, they still have some quality food. I personally prefer their burgers and beef over any other... read more

Arbys coupon 2013 free drink free curly fries

Use the Arbys coupon 2013 to get a  free drink and free curly fries at Arbys! This coupon from Arbys is valid when you show the cashier the image on your cell phone or even when you print out the coupon on paper. Regardless of how you want to redeem the coupon, you have two easy options. One is mobile technology and the other, old fashioned printed paper coupon.... read more

Wendys Coupon 2013 Free Fries Free Drink

With this Wendys Coupon 2013, you’ll get Free Small Fries and a Free Drink with the purchase of any Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta. Did you know that Wendy’s is actually named after a real person. That person is the franchise and brand owner Dave’s daughter named Wendy and better yet, the logo with her face is actually an accurate cartoon depiction of her... read more

Carls Jr Smoked Sausage Coupon 2013

Sexy Paris Hilton eating a Carl’s Jr burger on a hot rod car is what I think of when I see Carl’s Jr. That ad was hot. But not as hot as a fresh Carl’s Jr burger or smoked sausage biscuit for that matter! Yup, you can enjoy a pretty awesome breakfast at Carl’s Jr in addition to every other meal throughout the day. When you use this coupon at your... read more