10% Off your Dry Cleaning Coupon at Bon Ton Cleaners

When I think of the dry cleaners, it reminds me of a particular event. Years ago, I was standing in line at my local dry cleaners and an older man in front of me was looking very concerned. When he arrived at the counter, he leaned over to the lady behind the desk and discreetly told her that he has a particular stain that he can never get rid of. Now, immediately, I... read more

Plus White Save $2.00 Teeth Cleaning Products

In America, we take pride in clean white teeth. And to keep this essential aspect of our culture alive, we all strive to purchase and use the most quality teeth cleaning and maintenance products available to us at a reasonable price. The company Plus White is presenting us with a valuable printable coupon that will save you $2.00 on several of... read more

Save $1 Scotch Brite Scrubbing Pad Packs Printable Coupon

Scotch-Brite, another 3M company is offering a printable coupon for savings on any everyday cleaning product. The Scotch-Brite Scrubbing pack is filled with 3 Scrubbers and you can buy any two packs from the choices of stainless steel or copper scrubbing pads. Use the Printable Coupon to Save $1 on a purchase of two Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Pad 3-Packs (6 pads... read more

Printable Coupon Save 75 Cents On 3m O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges at Grocery Store

3M owns so many bathroom and household product companies. From tape to bathroom sponges, chances are you own more than one 3M product at any given moment. Luckily, this market dominating company often releases printable coupons to save some money on their everyday products. The best part about this is that the printable coupons are free to be used at any retailer.... read more

Scotch-Brite Printable Coupon save $1 on Bathroom Solutions Product

As mentioned in a previous posting on a Scotch Brite product, this company is a registered trademark of the 3m brand, which explains why their products are of great quality and plentiful at our grocery stores all across america. Their bathrrom products are some of the best available at many retailers nationwide. This is why I get so excited when I receive some nice... read more