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$20 Rebate Coupon HP LaserJet Printer and HP Print Cartridge

As mentioned before, HP owns a majority of the printer market. They infiltrate all the major electronics retailers and office supply stores. People love their printers and hate their printers all at the same time. They work flawlessly and break every time we need them. Printers are truly an anomaly, you and your friend could have the same exact HP LaserJet Printer but theirs works perfect and yours... read more

$15 Gift Card Hp Ink Cartridges Printable Coupon

Everyone knows how expensive printer ink is. HP has a huge hold on the printer market and thus has generated millions and millions of dollars in extra profit over their competitors. Now, this year, 2013, you have the opportunity to save some bucks with a printable coupon on the original HP ink cartridges. All you have to do is mail in the coupon form for each invoice by placing each in... read more

NewEgg RC Helicopter Toy DEAL!

Forget your coupons, this deal is instant! If you’ve ever seen a guy at the mall playing with an RC Helicopter, chances are you’ve always wanted one since. Those toys are so fun and great gifts for kids! Here’s a super deal to grab one: From $39.99 to now $17.99! Here’s the details: Black Widow Twin Propeller Wireless Helicopter! Long flight time is provided by a built in... read more

NewEgg 32GB Flash Drive $38.99 Coupon Code

NewEgg with some more wicked sick electronic deals. This won’t last but check it out. Just over a $1 a GB for this HUGE 32GB flash drive USB stick jump drive. SanDisk Cruzers are pretty durable and last a while. Everyone needs a large jump drive and well for $38.99 this is a great deal. Coupon code with Product details are listed below. Expires 10/27/2011 32GB   SanDisk Cruzer... read more

NewEgg Gaming Headphones Online Coupon

  Every weekend, as a part of their extreme savings promotions I rummage through their coupon codes and find one or more of the better coupons. This weekend is offering a good discount on the Corsair Gaming Audio Series HS1A 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Gaming Headset. These Gaming Headphones were originally $89.99 but thanks to their limited time coupon code the Headset is now $49.99... read more

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