Whole Foods Dream Non-Dairy Frozen Yogurt

Do you like ice-cream? Frozen yogurt? It’s summertime and very hot outside. Everyone wants to cool down at some time or another. This would be a perfect time because you have a $1.00 coupon for RICE DREAM FROZEN YOGURT. This brand is synonymous with healthy eating, and you should take into account its other properties, such as being non-dairy. For people with allergies and sensitive palates, this is the perfect place for you. Whole Foods is known for its endorsement of products that cater to this lifestyle. This coupon will come right in handy, making it clear that savings do count. Even the most savviest of shoppers can find multiple savings discounts. Rice dream and and other flavors are available for your selection. While you’re there, check out their entire frozen foods section, as well as the other sections within the store. Just like a conventional grocery store, Whole Foods has a prepared foods section, a meats section, a frozen foods section, toiletries, a bakery and more. The only difference is that you’re getting healthier selections, some Kosher foods and all natural products for the most part. Whole Foods operates its stores with strict guidelines to ensure people are getting exactly what they paid for. The Dream products also include beverages as well as frozen desserts. Creamy goodness with money off? That’s a winner. The trend is in frozen yogurt and non-dairy products now, so it’s not a far cry to have a coupon for this. Having coupons at Whole Foods Market is a very good thing, as healthy eating tends to be a little on the expensive side. Take the time today to visit Whole Foods and see what selections are right for you.

Whole Foods Dream project

  • $1.00 off
  • One non-dairy frozen dessert, novelty or beverage
  • Whole Foods Market’

Whole Foods Dream Non-dairy frozen dessert