TooJay’s Half-Off coupon

Are you hungry? You should be! We’ve got a great discount for you to use with this TooJay’s Coupon! You can get half off a breakfast, lunch or dinner with the purchase of any breakfast, lunch or dinner entree. What does that mean? It means you can go eat, and take a friend! You don’t have to enjoy all that good food by yourself. Mmm… I can smell the food now. Waffles and bacon, sandwiches, wraps, chicken fingers, you name it. Gourmet food at a premium. And now you have a coupon! What could be better than that? Did you know they also cater? You could enjoy the same food you’re getting at half price for another event from their catered menu. If that isn’t a reason to check out TooJay’s then I don’t know what is. And you don’t have an excuse, because they have multiple locations. If you’re in Florida, you can definitely find a TooJays. Open up your world of possibilities to try something new. If you’ve never been there, it will be yet another experience you can add to your memory book. All because of a coupon. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. When a restaurant has multiple locations-especially over five of them, they must be doing something right! Why don’t you go and see for yourself? Take a friend or two and shoot the breeze. If you haven’t done that in a while, now is a perfect time to do it. Good food and good friends are hard to come by. Cherish yours. And when it’s done over food, you really can’t beat that!

TooJay’s Half-Off Coupon 2013

  • Half Off breakfast, lunch or dinner with purchase of any breakfast, lunch or dinner entree
  • TooJay’s
  • One half price meal per coupon
  • Not valid with any other offer