Sweet Tomatoes Meal Deals Coupons

Sweet Tomatoes has great deals when it comes to eating healthy. You can enjoy those same deals when you use this MULTI-DISCOUNT SWEET TOMATOES COUPON. They have 3 deals that you can take advantage of immediately. You can get an endless lunch for $7.29, 15% off lunch or dinner, or get an entire family dinner for only $24.00! Talk about delicious! Sweet Tomatoes has the best salads and they also have homemade soups and muffins. If you’re into healthy eating, this is definitely the place for you. If you’re on a weight loss regimen,¬† you’re definitely safe at Sweet Tomatoes. For all the salad lovers, you have a wide selection of choices in which to get your salad on. There are so many variations, your head could spin just trying to figure out what you want mixed in. And to top it off, your options are limitless! If that’s not a great meal option, I don’t know what is. Make it an event for everyone. Grab the family and head on down for a great dinner or get some co-workers together and have a group lunch. It would be a fantastic time for everyone to have some team building informally. It would be a great day to welcome new employees, celebrate birthdays and talk about good things away from the office. Everyone needs a break. Or maybe you just want to be alone and indulge in the fixings at Sweet Tomatoes all by yourself. At any rate, you want to take full advantage of these coupons and not let them go by. Get on up and go hit Sweet Tomatoes asap!

Sweet Tomatoes multi-coupon discount

  • $7.29 endless lunch from 11-4 p.m. No beverage included or required.
  • 15% off lunch or dinner. Not valid on beverages.
  • $24.99 family dinner – includes 4 drinks. Valid for 2 adults and 2 children¬†(12 and under)

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