Soup Plantation and Sweet Tomatoes Discount Coupon

It’s a great time to go to Sweet Tomatoes or Soup Plantation. You can visit one of them and use these KIDS MEALS OR 2 FOR MEAL DISCOUNT COUPONS. Have you ever been to Sweet Tomatoes? It’s a great place to go to get good food which is also very healthy for you. They carry salads, homemade soups, sandwiches and breads. You can also get muffins and other things. They promote healthy eating so this is a good place to go if you’re trying to lose weight or just watching what you eat. Their kids meals are delicious and healthy as well. This coupon is good for a child 12 and under. and the 2 for $18.99 coupon also includes endless drinks. That’s excellent! The entire family can have a meal that’s inexpensive by utilizing both coupons. I’d say that was definitely a winner. Take the time to go on their site and join their club. You will find additional discounts. Never been there? Now is the time to rectify that situation and get in on all the goodies. What do you have to lose? If you’re into healthy eating, then there definitely is something at the restaurant for you.  Keep in mind they can get pretty expensive – eating out can be expensive but this is right up the savings alley. Without the coupon you could easily spend twice that amount. Don’t delay – get on down to Sweet tomatoes or Souplantation and get some good, wholesome food. When the fall really starts to kick in, you’ll know exactly where to go to get the best soups and warm breads. Take a load off, ditch cooking dinner and head on down to the restaurant today!

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes Discount Coupons

  • $.99 cents kids meal for 12 and under
  • 2 for $18.99 and includes endless drinks
  • Delicious deals coupons

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