Rubio’s Get $1 or Give $1 Coupon

It’s time to Be A Friend to the Ocean. You can accomplish this by using this Rubio’s Coupon, celebrating World Oceans Day. You can get $1 off the new Chimichurri Salmon 2 Taco Plate, Burrito, or Salad or donate $1 to The Ocean Project. I know getting $1 off a meal sounds like an excellent reason to visit, but let’s think about it. The $1 donation is for a great cause and you will be directly contributing to helping the environment. Although there are many people who don’t see this as anything big, would we even have salmon to eat if our ocean was polluted? Either way¬† you utilize the coupon, you’ll be doing a great thing. If you get the meal, you’ll be contributing to the bottom line of a company. Every company needs support. Actually, it’s a two-for-one! You’ll get great food in a great place! You recognize it’s a great place by their initiative to be a friend to the ocean. That’s big. Anything dealing with saving the environment is big. For the best in Mexican food, you should try Rubio’s. If you’ve never been there, you’ll be in for a good treat. Rubio’s is known for it’s fish tacos, which are excellent. Treat yourself and enjoy the experience. Authentic Mexican food has an entirely different taste than other restaurants. You can taste the spices, smell the aroma and get hungry! If you opt to use the coupon for food, that’s okay. Rubio’s is very big on social responsibility, so there will be another opportunity at another time. And, if you take the food option, you’ll know how good the food is and be inclined to support the next worthy cause in a flash. See? I told you it was a two-for-one! Enjoy!

Rubio’s Coupon 2013

  • Get $1 or Give $1
  • Rubio’s
  • Support World Oceans Day


Rubios Coupon 2013 Be a Friend to the Ocean