It’s the summer and time for traveling! Even if you’ve decided to stay in town, you have the option of visiting the resort. Do you like golf? Is traveling to a vacay for golf something that you like to do on a frequent basis? The resort has a restaurant that is very popular. So popular that they are offering specials with this SUMMER DISCOUNT FOOD COUPON. That’s right! You can get some good food, breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also have happy hour Wednesday through Sunday and karaoke Wednesday through Saturday. It sounds like they do a whole lot more than play golf. It sounds like its a community spot, with fun things thrown in for out-of-town patrons. If that’s the case, then you know its a lot of fun there. You can actually go for some food and end up having a great time. How’s that for excitement? And if you’re there for a visit, then you can go back home and tell everyone what a great time you had while eating some great food. I’d say it was a definite winner, wouldn’t you? The Painted Mountain Golf Resort is high on the list of fun things to do. Remember though – they are closed Monday and Tuesday. It’s probably to recoup from all that partying Wednesday through Sunday! At ay rate, get yourself on over there and take advantage of their breakfast and lunch coupon, or their delicious burger coupon good on Sundays or their dinner entrees coupon. All those coupons? You can eat there every day this week and save money while doing it. Don’t forget all the other fun. Happy golfing!

Painted Mountain Resort Discount Meal Coupons

  • Free breakfast or lunch when you purchase one at regular price
  • 2 for 1 burgers or appetizers on Sunday from 11-8
  • $10 off dinner entrees

Painted Mountain Golf Resourt Food Coupons