OSEM List of Healthy Food Printable Coupons 2013

OSEM produces a wide range of both tasty and healthy food options. But of course, not all of OSEM’s food is designed for the health conscious. It seems like the healthy aspect of their food is simply because they use ethnic foods that are naturally good for you. Here are some awesome printable coupons of a nice list of osem foods:

  1. On Osem Consomme 14oz. Soup Mix Save $0.75
  2. Osem Mini Croutons Soup “Mandels” 14.1 oz Save $0.75
  3. On any Osem Bissli Multi Packs 14.8 oz Save $0.75
  4. Osem Israeli (Pearl) Couscous 8.8 oz Save $0.75

These are manufacturer’s coupons meaning that they are valid at any and all retailers nationwide. Enjoy!

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OSEM healthy food ethnic printable coupon 2013