Orchid Harvest Discount Admission Coupon

Are you a flower lover? Does the fragrant smell of flowers, especially orchids, put a permanent smile on your face? Is your thumb seriously green? You can witness orchids and flowers to your heart’s content with this DISCOUNT ADMISSION COUPON TO THE ORCHID HARVEST FESTIVAL. It’s running for 3 days, and can you imagine all the different species of orchids and flowers? It will be a botanical paradise? The orchid is very resilient but is breathtaking in its variations. Tough enough to stand through a variety of weather conditions, orchid aficionados take their growth techniques very serious. You won’t believe how many people that will probably turn out for this event. Flower buffs are diligent in their dedication to these types of events. There is parking and food available at this event, so you know it has to be huge. If you do a search for orchids, you won’t believe how many different types of orchids there really are. Flowers in general. In all different parts of the world, the flowers are different due to climate, conditions and more. Becoming a flower expert takes a lot of hard work and understanding. You have to put in the time to master your craft. At any rate, if you’re planning on going all three days, you should use this coupon. Its printable and just download it. You can do that all three days and save significant dollars. That money saved can go toward a souvenir or flower pot or something. Put the Orchid Harvest on your calendar and find out something new you’ve never even though of. They will have orchids for sale and other items for the plants. Go on, grab a friend and have some fun!

Orchid harvest 2013

  • $2.00 off admission
  • Print or download to mobile
  • Will receive discount at the door

$2 off Connecticut orchid harvest coupon