Office Max discount coupon 2013

Summer is when offices take inventory for the upcoming budget season. There needs to be supplies ordered, cleaning and shredding taking place. You may have new employees coming in. You may be redecorating the office. At any rate, you need all the things that help keep the office going from day-to-day. That’s where Office Max comes in. You can save a lot of money for your company by utilizing this OFFICE MAX DISCOUNT COUPON. You can get $50 off an order of $250 or more. In the office world, spending $250 on supplies is nothing. Between copy paper, liquid paper, toner, pens, pencils, notepads and more, you could easily spend that and more. With this Office Max coupon, you’ll be able to save some money and help your company’s bottom line. It can’t get any easier that that. To make matters even better, you can order your supplies on the phone and get them delivered right to your office door. No driving and lugging supplies. No headaches. Everything is ordered online or on the phone and you’ll get it sooner than you can blink. That increases productivity and keeps everyone accountable for their duties. Need a new printer? How about software? Office Max has it all and you can find everything you need online. Their catalog is vast – just type in what you think you need and see how many variations of things come up. If you’re used to having a certain brand, they have everything categorized in that fashion. By brand or item. It’s your way when shopping online at Office Max. How about ordering something that needs printing? You’re good to go there as well. Just send over the files. Get it all done at Office Max!

Office Max Discount Coupon 2013

  • $50 off phone order of $250 or more
  • Code B2b50off250
  • Office Max


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