North Georgia State Fair Coupon

The fall is here and it’s definitely time to reap the benefits. The North Georgia State Fair is here! Coming to the area once a year, you can bet it’s a main attraction for students and adults alike. Your student can make this a special time by using this NORTH GEORGIA STATE FAIR FREE ADMISSION COUPON. This student is for students only, ensuring their admission. It’s good for students age 18 and under. Do you realize how much fun you can have at the state fair? Rides, food, popcorn, exhibits, rides … food! What a great time can be had. Now imagine a bunch of students together going to the fair? Definitely fun times. Jim Miller Park in Marietta is about to have a large influx of people ready to enjoy fun times from all the attractions. All you have to do is exercise this coupon and get a free admission to make it completely worth your while. You know rides and attractions look really beautiful at night so you may want to make it an evening group activity. No matter which way you look at it, you are in luck. Thank the Marietta/Journal Neighbor Newspapers for all the goodies and treats. State fairs are the very best with all their contests and activities as well. Year after year, the fair draws crowds from far and wide to Marietta to have a great time ringing in fall. You don’t want to miss the festivities and good times. Pull out your calendar and plan a trip to this yearly function and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it. And if you’re a student who has this last year before graduating, it will be extra special.

North Georgia State Fair For Students Only Coupon

  • Jim R. Miller Park
  • School Special Coupon
  • September 2013
  • Free Admission and Rides

North Georgia State Fair Student Coupon