Nature’s Recipe Cat Food PetSmart Coupon

Between the Dry Cat Food and Wet Cat Food options, Nature’s Recipe has you covered. They provide you with a wide variety of healthy food options for your cat. I stumbled upon this sale at PetSmart which basically saves you $3.00 on any of the cat food options listed:

Nature’s Recipe Dry Food Coupon $3 OFF

  1. Active Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  2. Active Adult Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe
  3. Indoor w/ Hairball Control Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Nature’s Recipe Wet Food Coupon $3 OFF

  1. Real Chicken Recipe in Broth
  2. Real Chicken with Beef Recipe in Broth
  3. Real Ocean Fish Recipe in Broth
  4. Real Salmon Recipe in Broth
  5. Real Tuna Recipe in Broth

Here is the details on the Nature’s Recipe Cat Food from the PetSmart Website:

Everything you want for your cat, and nothing you don’t.

Our cat food recipes are crafted to provide the complete and balanced nutrition your cat needs to thrive. Real chicken or fish is always our #1 ingredient, and we include added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

We use no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, no corn or added fillers and no meat by-product meals – just quality ingredients for a healthy, nutritious diet every day.

Make sure check out the link listed above to get your $3 savings on the PetSmart Coupon for Nature’s Recipe.
The offer is only valid until PetSmart stops the promotion which is not listed on their website.