Mall of Americas Multi-discount coupons

When it’s back-to-school time, there are a variety of discounts available everywhere. One place where you can find significant discounts is at the mall. You can rack up on sales and discounts at a variety of stores when you use this MALL OF AMERICAS MULTI-DISCOUNT COUPON. That’s right. Mall of Americas is offering coupons from Silver Jeans, Dr. Marlens, Juicy Couture, H&M, P.S. and Microsoft. All premium stores with significant discounts! That’s a great deal. All the discounts are being featured as part of the Back to School 2013 shopping bonanza. Although tax free week is done, you can still capitalize on the savings and get some great sales. While you’re at the mall, check out their other stores which are also giving great sales and discounts. Make it a full day. You can get lunch while you’re there and can continue shopping to take advantage of everything the mall has to offer. Although kids may not be happy about returning to school, you have to admit this is a great time of  year for shopping. You can find huge discounts on summer items, because fall is coming, and then you get the discounts on school clothes shoes and electronics. It’s a huge world at the mall and you can find things you didn’t even realize you wanted. Get on up and get to the mall. You’re going to have a great time there and will find a variety of people there with the same goal as you – to get discounted savings. Mall of the Americas – a good deal.

Mall of the Americas multi-discount store coupon

  • Back to school 2013
  • Silver Jeans co – 20% off a pair of jeans, Juicy Couture – 20% off full price purchase, H&M – 20% off a single item, p.s. – 10% off a $50 purchase, Microsoft – 10% off entire purchase, Dr. Mortens – 20% off entire purchase

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