Lumineers Discount Coupon

Do you love beautiful smiles? Are your teeth important to you? Healthy and beautiful teeth are main staples in society. You want to make sure you have a great dentist that can help you maintain that smile or assist in creating one. You can get a great deal when you use this LUMINEERS SMILE DISCOUNT COUPON with Dr. Bruce Parker. You can get a free Lumismile Digital Makeover that will show you exactly how you will look when you get the Lumineers. If that’s not a fantastic incentive, then I don’t know what is. Lumineers can be very expensive, as most dental care is. This is a cosmetic upgrade that can run you lots of money – actually, thousands. Avoid these prices and use the discount, which will give you a Lumineers Smile for $4960. You can get a snap-on smile for only $950.00. Either choice is a great deal. You cannot imagine all the work and technical details go into creating a smile that will last for a lifetime. Dr. Parker can definitely turn your frown upside down. There will be a Lumiday that you should attend so you’ll know exactly what goes into creating such a beautiful smile. You want to make sure to get the discounted price while it lasts, because you will pay significantly more if you don’t. Take the time and get to the dentist. You will get a checkup before any work is done, and you can make sure everything else is good as well. A healthy mouth is a lifesaver. The work can be done with no shots and no pain and no drilling of sensitive tooth structure.

Lumineers Discount

  • Lumineers smile $4960
  • Snap-on smile $950
  • Lumiday September 24, 2013
  • Free Lumismile digital makeover
  • Instant whitening that lasts- very strong
  • No shots, no pain – no drilling of sensitive tooth structure ‘

Lumismile teeth whitening coupon