Knotts Berry Scary Farm Haunt Coupons

The holidays are near, and so is October, which brings in all the ‘haunting’ activities of Halloween. You can get great discounts with this MULTIPLE DISCOUNT COUPON SPECIAL to all the events. On specific dates, you can have admission discounts of $38, $48, $42,$54 and a special for 2 that’s only $220! This is a special that includes the hotel which also has 2 tickets to Halloween Haunt, 2 hotel pre-scare dinners, 2 collectible haunt key cards, 2 halloween haunt t-shirts, 2 breakfast buffets and complimentary hotel parking. That’s a great deal that could cost way more. Special venues for Halloween and Christmas are usually a lot of money. These coupons would help, especially if you have a plan to have a group outing. The savings associated with tickets to this spectacular event are limitless. This is definitely something you want to do with your friends or family to make it a lot of fun. There’s always something exciting about visiting a ‘haunted venue’ with a bunch of people who know how to have great laughs and fun. Of course this is all in fun, not to be taken seriously. Every year, multiple venues have these type of events that are attractions for theme parks. Its all in fun and you can say you’ve been there. Of course there are other things to do if you don’t want to enter a house or anything – they make it so that everyone has something to do. And because it’s at a theme park, you can be sure that there will be rides and everything else that goes along with one of California’s best theme parks. Get your group together and head on down for some fun and laughs. You’ll be happy you did!

Knotts Berry Scary Farm Discount Coupons

  • Multiple discounts
  • Different prices of admission based on the day
  • Hotel package for 2

Knotts Berry Scary Farm Coupons