KFC Multi-Discount Coupons

KFC has done it again! Where can you get a bunch of chicken and sides to feed the masses at an inexpensive price?? You can do that with these MULTIDISCOUNT COUPONS FROM KFC. These coupons are wonderful for feeding a family or having something to snack on during or after games. These coupons include a two can dine Big Crunch or Zinger which includes 2 fries and 2 drinks for $13.98, a two can dine 3 piece meal which includes 6 pieces of chicken, 2 fries, 2 salads and 2 drinks for $14,98, a 12 piece bucket for $20.98, a 9 piece family special which includes 9 pieces of chicken, medium fries and medium salad for $24.98, and a 14 pc family special which includes 14 pieces of chicken, large fries and 2 medium salads for $28.98. These coupons and these specials will allow a lot of people to have good food at one time and it won’t break the bank. Take the time to think about some events that you may be having, or maybe you need some goodies for a road trip. Tailgating parties? KFC can provide enough food for all of those things. And if you have more people than you originally anticipated, there’s always more than one coupon that can be used. It’s a great deal and a great time to get in on some piping hot chicken and sides without having the aggravation of having to cook meals yourself. Even if you don’t feel like cooking on the way home from work you can stop by and use your coupon to feed the family. KFC is tried and true and has been around for a while. Take advantage today.

KFC Multidiscount Coupons

  • Two can dine coupons with big Crunch, Zinger or 3 piece meals
  • 12 piece bucket family meal
  • 9 piece family meal
  • 14 piece family special
  • All includes fries and salads
  • Two can dine includes drinks

List of KfC Coupons