KFC Big Crunch Zinger Coupon

Time for lunch! Have you ever been in a rush and just needed to grab something and go? Well, you can do that with this KFC BIG CRUNCH ZINGER COUPON. Yes, the crunch zinger. It’s something new on their menu and I’ve heard it’s delicious and filling. Those two go hand-in-hand, right? KFC is known for being the people with the original recipe. And their technicians and chefs keep coming back with more goodies to add to it. The menu keeps constantly changing – pot pies, hot wings, buffalo wings, macaroni and cheese, string beans and more. With all these new things on the menu, you will have to go back for more! Matter-of-fact, while you’re using the zinger coupon, you may find something else on the menu that appeals to your appetite. Maybe you want to pick dinner up a little early so you won’t have to step on the way home. Either way you’re good to go! Just think- you and some co-workers go to KFC to lunch and you’ve got your coupon! You money saver you! And for that special co-worker, they will be very happy because with this coupon, you get 2 sandwiches, 2 fries and two soft drinks. Big spender! Counting pennies and saving money is the in thing to do nowadays. So, you can treat yourself and a friend at the same time. Who said you couldn’t be thoughtful? It’s cool to save money and get a meal that’s inexpensive. That means you are saving to get something more extravagant, or have money when you go on vacation. That’s smart thinking, smart money moves and will guarantee money in your pocket. Head on down to KFC today and get your meal!

KFC Big Crunch Zinger Coupon 2013

  • Good for 2 sandwiches, 2 fries and 2 drinks
  • In Ontario and BC only


KFC Coupon 2013 Canada Big Crunch Zinger