KFC 9pc. Bucket Discount

Do you love chicken? It’s versatile and can go anywhere at any setting, hot or cold. You can have some when you use this KFC DISCOUNT COUPON. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Most of us grew up coming to know and love KFC with it’s original recipe. Crispy wasn’t an option. They’re fancy now. With pot pies and hot wings and all those desserts. You can find a meal for anyone at KFC. If you’re hitting the road, this 9pc will be great for you. No need to stop. Just pack some plates, napkins and a few drinks and you’ll be set for a little while. It really makes a difference in getting to your destination when you have food already in the automobile. KFC can accommodate that for you and more. Having a family reunion? Get together? Day at the beach? KFC is great for all of those settings. Those days when you need to provide food for the team. Those rainy days when you’re lazy and don’t feel like cooking. Those days when you just feel like having some KFC. It’s all there. With so many new selections on the menu and their catering additions, you can’t go wrong. For the southerners, there’s macaroni and cheese and string beans. Now how about that? I remember when they only had coleslaw and mashed potatoes and fries. Things have definitely changed. One thing is constant though… KFC has been around for quite a long time and that means they deliver on good food time after time. You can’t go wrong with KFC. It’s comfort food. Who doesn’t love that from time to time? Head on down and use your KFC coupon today!

KFC Discount Coupon

  • 9 piece bucket for $12.99
  • One coupon per visit
  • Redeemable at participating restaurants in Ontario and BC
  • online coupon


KFCCoupon 2013 Canada 9 piece Chicken bucket