KFC 3 Piece Meal Coupon

Lunch anyone? You can have lunch for you and a co-worker when you use this KFC 3 PIECE MEAL COUPON. For $12.99 you can get 2 3pc meals from KFC which include chicken, fries, salads and soft drinks. You’ll definitely get your fill with this meal deal. KFC is know for its original recipe and new crispy blend. You can have a choice of this meal and more. They have so many selections on their menu – from macaroni and cheese, string beans, cole slaw and more. Let’s not forget your dessert! After all that food, you may not want to go back to work because you may need a nap! Tried and true, KFC is known for providing hearty meals at discount pricing. The one stop shop for delicious, piping hot chicken and delicious side options. Maybe you and a friend have been out shopping, or you’re on a road trip. This would be the perfect meal for you to have while enjoying the scenery. It’s definitely a win-win. Take the time to swing by and check out KFC and all they have to offer. For family night, you may want to think about this as well. A family of 3 can have two pieces of chicken each split the salads and fries and also the sodas. Voila! You’ve now created another meal for an entire family and it’s guaranteed that everyone will be full! Consumers said more specials, and KFC said we hear you! You won’t find extraordinary specials like this anywhere else that serve food that’s tried, true and tested. Ask your parents – they know. Ask your grandparents – they know too. KFC has been there with entire families. Now, you can add yours.

KFC 3 piece two can dine special

  • 6 pieces of chicken, 2 fries, 2 salads, 2 drinks
  • Good in Ontario and BC restaurants only

KFC Coupon 2013 Canada 3 piece meals