KFC 12 pc Bucket Special

KFC is on a roll with their summer specials! If you love chicken, then this is a deal for you. You can have some fun in the sun and enjoy a great meal when you use this KFC BUCKET SPECIAL COUPON. Home of the original recipe, you can’t go wrong with delicious KFC. With all the new selections on their menu, it’s something for everyone. Macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, french fries, pot pies, hot wings and more. You’ll find all of that and more. If you’re traveling, grabbing a bucket of chicken is a great way to avoid stopping along the way. If you’re headed to the beach for a picnic or fun day, KFC will definitely hit the spot. There’s something about having a bunch of friends around, especially where there’s water, that makes you hungry. You may love to have family time. Getting a bucket of chicken or a couple of buckets for a family reunion or dinner after going to the zoo or the park is a great way to bond and fill your stomachs too. Everything gets better when there’s food around. KFC has been tried and tested through the years, and when you don’t feel like cooking, or just want to eat out, KFC and their daily specials will always come through. Piping hot chicken, ready and waiting for the next customers. At any given time you can find folks at KFC getting ready to have a hearty meal. They must be doing something right! After an event, after a good read, after a swim or just because, you can have KFC at your beck and call. Only a few minutes away, they’ve got you covered.

KFC 12 piece bucket special coupon

  • 12 pieces of chicken for $12.00
  • Good in Ontario and BC only
  • Online coupon special


KFC Coupon 2013 Canada 12 piece chicken bucket