Kennywood Amusement Park Discount Coupon

Feeling like having a little fun? Then head on over to Kennywood and get some! It’s the summer and you’re apt to want to get out and get moving! You can do that with this KENNYWOOD DISCOUNT COUPON. That’s right! It’s definitely a family affair. You can take the grandparents out for some fun too! They only have to pay $10 with this coupon, and anyone else between 3 and 54 can pay $18 admission. That’s a deal if I’ve ever heard one! Good food and family fun is what you’ll get. You know it won’t last for long. The summer comes and goes like no tomorrow. If you’re traveling, you may want to stop in and see what all the  hoopla is about. Everyone loves a good amusement park or two, right? For those teenagers who need to expend some energy, grab your friends and head on out to Kennywood. You can have so much fun and memorable moments. Just think – if it’s your senior year or your junior year, now is the time to make take lots of pictures so that you can put them in your memory books and get the best high school years started. You’d be surprised how much those memories mean when you’re away at college or after you’ve graduated and have to be in the real world. And for the adults who are kids at heart, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll have loads of fun! I’m sure  you would have your kids wondering who that screaming, hollering person is on the rides. Adults need enjoyment too. Everyone was a kid at some time in their life and sometimes the weight of the world calls for some good old-fashioned fun.

Kennywood Discount Coupon 2013

  • Good only on date shown
  • Senior’s admission $10
  • 3-54 $18.00 admission
  • $1 amusement tax at gate



10 Dollar Ticket Kennywood Coupon 2013