Kansas City Renaissance Festival Coupon

Let’s take it back to the times of the medieval days! You can do exactly that when you attend the 2013 Kansas City Renaissance Festival. You get to mix the old with the new when you use this DISCOUNT ADMISSION COUPON. You can enjoy belly dancing and witness the Kansas City Belly Dance Championships. Renaissance festivals are filled with history and you learn about how things were done during this historic period. The belly dancing has three categories from you to choose. You can watch or participate! Take some time to go and get your outfit. This is your chance to be that fair maiden without worrying about what others may say. You can wear sheer beautiful clothing to your hearts delight. If you studied this historic period, you know these were the days of Robin Hood. Every year the festival comes back to put a smile on those faces. You won’t regret getting into character. Maybe they are having a game of live chess and you either get to watch or become one of the pieces. It’s a great time and everyone will have loads of fun!It’s possible that you could win the championship for belly dancing. You should call everyone you know to come and watch. Don’t hesitate to think about the singing and music. The song “Greensleeves” comes from this era and it is still a musical hit today. There was something magical about being in that era and now is our chance to be a part it it. Festivals have fun, food and a great opportunity to be part of something great. If you’ve never attended one, you must definitely do this and make a memorable event a pleasant one.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

  • $5 one adult admission
  • Belly Dancing Championships
  • 3 categories to compete in
  • Beginners are welcome

kansas city renaissance festival coupon