JetSet Parking Discount Coupon

If you’re a frequent flier, you know that parking can be quite a hassle. Not only that, it can get expensive over time. If you need to park your car at the airport on a consistent basis, try using this JETSET DISCOUNT PARKING COUPON to save a little money. You can use the youpark option, which is a partnership with WestJet airlines to get yourself a great discount on parking in Edmonton.  Their motto is you’re a JetSetter before you even take off, which helps hit home the fact that you’re always on a plane somewhere and you need somewhere for your car to be safely parked. When you use self-parking, being able to save some money is good. After paying for an airline ticket and other fees, you need a break. You can thank Jetset parking for thinking of the customer. Knowing that your car is safe and secure in a facility that will prevent it from being harmed gives you peace of mind when you’re off flying to wherever.  Did you know airport parking makes millions of dollars per year on frequent fliers who don’t have an alternative to parking? It’s a great thing that they’ve taken the time to address customers that use these services. Can’t use the coupon? Pass it on to someone that can. Even if it’s an executive and the parking is corporate paid, they will enjoy the fact that a discount is being used. You’re saving your employer money. Can anyone say job security? Some employers appreciate it when you take the time to positively contribute to the bottom line. That means you care about your company as a whole and your position with the company. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Jet Set Parking Edmonton Discount

  • Save 20% off
  • Partners with WestJet

Edmonton Jetset Parking Coupon