HP Inkjet Ink Cartridges Coupon

School is in, office personnel are back in the office from vacation and it’s time to get to business. With reports due and class assignments, your printers may be on complete overload. When that happens, you definitely need new cartridges and also a stash for those times when you run low and don’t have time to get to the store. you can get that stash and save some money with this HP INKJET MAIL-IN REBATE COUPON. All you have to do is spend $100 on inkjet cartridges on the same invoice. Knowing how much you may use cartridges, this may not be hard to do at all. If you’re in an office, this is definitely something that can occur immediately. If you’re a parent, think about this – if you get the cartridges now, you won’t have to get anymore for the remainder of the school year. That’s a great comfort. And, if it’s a family printer, you will definitely go through a couple probably before Christmas. Inkjet cartridges seem to go very fast when there’s a bunch of work to be done. And with school opening, you know there will be multiple assignments and lots of homework that will need attention. This is HP’s way of saying thank you for buying our printers and using our projects. And knowing the prices of inkjet cartridges, $100 is nothing. What’s important is the savings you will receive from the mail-in rebate. Any discount on your purchase is a good thing so take advantage of this while it lasts. These discounts usually come at random times, so when you see them, don’t hesitate to make things happen if you can.

HP Inkjet cartridges coupon

  • buy $100 of eligible HP inkjet cartridges at the same time on the same invoice during the promo period.
  • Mail in coupon and receipt

hp Inkjet cartridges coupon