Hankins Fudge Discount Coupon

It’s time for the sweets! Do you like chocolate? What about fudge? You can get your sweet tooth on with this HANKINS MULTI-DISCOUNT COUPON! That’s right – all you sweets lovers can get multiple discounts while eating delicious fudge from Hankins. If you buy 1 pound, you can get 1 pound free. Or, you can buy one pound of fudge and get 1 pound of salt water taffy for free. If that isn’t enough, if you get both offers, you can take $5 off your entire order! Oh boy! Now, summer is a perfect time to enjoy fudge. With 1 pound, you can share it with your friends. What a great treat for an awesome day! And if you’ve never had fudge, here is a perfect opportunity for you to taste it and become addicted. Fudge has been around for centuries, pleasing the most delicate of tastes. You can’t go wrong with fudge or salt water taffy. It’s amazing that folks haven’t made it more popular. Times have truly changed, because there used to be a time when fudge and salt water taffy was the ultimate in sweet treats. We now have so many other options, it’s hard for people to know good sweets. Head on over to Hankins and check out their variety of fudge flavors. Yes, they have flavors, and after 80 years, they know exactly what they are doing. They make it easy for everyone to find something that will appeal to them and their palate. If that isn’t great customer service, then what is? Rocky Road, Vanilla Nut, Oreo and more. It’s all there for you to enjoy. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure. You will have a sweet treat and Hankins will have garnered a repeat customer.

Hankins free fudge coupon

  • Buy 1 pound, get 1 free
  • Buy 1 pound, get 1 pound salt water taffy free
  • $5 off both discounts


Hankins Fudge Free Fudge Coupon 2013