Half Off Checkers Coupon

Now’s the time when you can get your eat on! That’s right – Bulldogs Bucks are in season. You can have your pick on the menu with this CHECKERS COUPON. A buy 1 combo get one combo half off! During the summer, you’re usually out and about with friends or at the mall or picnics and having lots of fun. When you’re worn out from that long day of enjoyment, who wants to cook? That’s when you can head on down to Checkers and get one of their combo meals to get through those hunger pains. You can’t beat this coupon. Burgers, fries, colas, chicken sandwiches, potato skins and more! If you don’t eat those things, they have fish sandwiches too! I think there’s something on the menu for everyone. What a deal! In this economy, everyone deserves a good value. That’s where Checkers comes in. You can take friends, family, coworkers – the works. What about those lunchtime breaks? you and a coworker can go to Checkers and split the bill! Talk about instant savings! Practically a two-for-one! Definitely count me in. And the great part is, you can find a Checkers almost anywhere close. They just pop up overnight. Great deals at a great location is the name of the game. That’s intensive strategy and good marketing. With so many facilities, they must be doing something right. Don’t sit around and let everyone else have the fun. Get on over to Checkers and check out their meal selections. The only thing can can’t benefit is your pockets if you choose to ignore this great deal. Save some cash and get this combo meal today!

Checkers Half-off Coupon 2013

  • Bulldog bucks
  • Buy 1 combo, get one half off special
  • Only valid at 2198 W. Broad Street location
  • Must have valid Bulldog bucks account for eligibility


BOGO Checkers Coupon 2013