KFC has taken healthy eating to another level. You can add another selection of vegetables to your palette with this KFC HARVEST VEGETABLE BLEND COUPON. It’s a new blend of vegetables that KFC is promoting to encourage healthy eating. The best thing about this promotion is that you get to eat it for FREE! That’s right. With a purchase of a family meal, you will be able to get a free medium harvest vegetable blend. Kentucky Fried Chicken has a long-lasting reputation of being the restaurant that delivers. For years, the original recipe has been number one in taste and quality. KFC has also added selections like macaroni and cheese, string beans, cole slaw, hot wings and pot pies to make sure they have selections for everyone. You can take the family after a ball game or a day at the park or beach and enjoy a great meal that’s enriched with vegetables and protein. You can’t get any better than that! Whether your taste buds crave the original recipe or the crispy blend, there’s definitely something for everyone. You can count on KFC making a huge impression on your meal. Don’t feel like cooking? Head on over to KFC and get a meal fit for a royal family. If you have smaller kids, they love eating out! And although it can be considered fast food, the healthiness of the meal takes away the fast and replaces it with good. And if you’re on the road headed out of town, you can get some KFC to help you along the way to avoid excessive stops. It’s a great thing to know that you can count on good food!

KFC free harvest vegetable blend coupon 2013

  • Buy a family feast meal get a free medium harvest vegetable blend
  • Ontario or BC restaurants only


KFC Coupon 2013 Canada Free Harvest Vegetable Blend