El Pollo Loco Coupon Free Quesadilla

In the Movie Napoleon Dynamite, the protagonist is hilarious. He refers to eating a quesadilla with a heavy american accent, accentuating the -DILLA in quesadilla. Every time I order a quesadilla from El Pollo Loco or other food retailers, i always think about that movie. Either way, head on over, use the coupon to satisfy yuor craving for some solid Mexican food and eat till your heart’s content. With this El Pollo Loco Coupon you can get a free stuffed quesadilla! Check out the coupon details below.

El Pollo Loco Coupon Details:

  • You can get a free stuffed quesadilla
  • Coupon valid for use at El Pollo Loco





El Pollo Loco Coupons Free Quesadilla