Lunch time anyone? Do you love subs? When you think of subs does your mouth water? You can satisfy your love for subs with this EEGEES FREE FUN PAK DISCOUNT COUPON. You can get the sub, and a fun pak which contains a frozen dessert with any 3 feet sub purchase. If you’re hungry, this will definitely hit the spot for you. Guaranteed. You can go to Eegees and hang out with friends or run in and get lunch or dinner for the day. It’s always something you can do with a sub and a free fun pak. The frozen dessert will come in handy on these summer days because it’s very hot outside. This will take the sun and practically throw it away. You can’t get any cooler on the inside than with a frozen dessert. To make things a little bit sweeter, you can take a look at the menu and look at the other selections. With so many items available to you, it’s almost mandatory you grab some friends and head on down to the restaurant. There will be something for everyone there. You all can catch up and get your laughs on, while reminiscing about all the fun times. If you’re heading off to college, you can have a going away party at the restaurant or just a huge get together where everyone comes together. If you’re into family time, this is a good way to have everyone come together and enjoy good food while having a great time with each other. It’s just one of those hometown places that you can’t resist having a good time in. Their specialty is frozen lemonades, ices and sandwiches.  You’ll find it all at Eegees and won’t regret a thing.

Eegees Fun Pak Discount

  • Free with any 3 ft sub purchase

Eegees free fun pak coupon 2013