Denver Culinary Connectors Discount Coupon

Are you a cook, chef or just love to dabble in the kitchen? Do you relish the thought of watching cooking shows or culinary arts? Do you frequently try your hand at new things in the kitchen and imagine yourself being on one of those shows? Well, you can imagine a little bit longer when you use this CULINARY CONNECTORS DISCOUNT COUPON. You and a bunch of your friends or even your family can take 15% off the price of a culinary tour scheduled online or over the phone. Now if that isn’t incentive for you to pull out your chef’s hat or apron, I don’t know what is! This is definitely a calling all foodies adventure! Take a tour of the finest restaurants in Denver, or sit down and eat at them. Tour the street food scene and more. And if you really want to keep up, you can go and listen to their radio show. Staying in the know so you’ll know where to go! Let’s not forget the drinks! Learn how to make specialty drinks and all when you go on these types of tours. It’s definitely something worth checking into. And again, if you’re in town visiting, this is a perfect way to see what Denver has to offer in terms of food. Sometimes an area just isn’t the right place when it doesn’t have the type of cuisine you desire. The Culinary Connectors want to show you what Denver’s all about and they want to do it the right way. If  you’re a local and haven’t taken the time to explore this, or didn’t even know about it, now’s the time!


  • 15% off regularly scheduled tours
  • Book through website or over the phone
  • Use promo code VISIT15 on the site


Culinary Connectors Denver Colorado Coupon 2013