Curad Products Manufacturer’s Coupon For all of 2013

On the playground, kids jump from the monkey bars to the slides, then climb the side of the jungle gym. Maybe they pass some notes in the sand spelling out secret codes and follow that with a game of tag, but then ouch! One of the kids slides across a rock and cuts his leg. Now, that calls for some Curad! Curad has a wide range of bandage/band-aid products designed to plaster up any wound with these temporary sutures. Below you will find the details to this coupon to save on a bunch of Curad products:

  • $0.50 cents off ANY Curad product
  • This includes the following bandages: Sensitive Skin, Camp Camo, Non-Stick Pads with adhesive tabs and even the Hold Tite tubular stretch bandage
  • All of these bandages are super safe for kids, contour to the body and come in awesome cool looking designs like camo!
  • This is a manufacturer’s coupon meaning that the coupon is redeemable at any and all retailers and it also lasts for the ENTIRE year of 2013!

Click. Print. Save!

Curad printable Coupon 2013 save $0.50 cents bandage bandaid