Corky Kell Classic Discount Admission Coupon

Football season is in full swing and it’s time for the Corky Kell Classic sponsored by Metro PCS. It’s that time of year where you can get riled up and people won’t complain, you can wear your jerseys and hats and freeze your buns off while sitting in a stadium cheering your team on. You can enjoy the Corky Kell Classic at the Georgia Dome this year when you use this CORKY KELL CLASSIC DISCOUNT COUPON. This entitles you to $5 off your admission at the ticket window. Men and women alike love football and classic bowl games are very popular. This one is destined to be no different. You want to make sure you get there early so you can not only get a ticket, but also a great seat. Football is one of those sports that has a huge fan base, and people come out whether it’s rain, sleet or snow. You can be sure this game will be crowded. Get your gear together and get ready to be a part of classic bowl history. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. The Corky Kell Classic has been going on since 1992, so you know it’s one that has longevity standing behind it. Take a look at the upcoming schedule and plan accordingly. Maybe you should head on down to the sports store to get all your paraphernalia out of the way so you’ll be ready. This is just one of the big games that’s bound to make an impact. Get yourself settled and ready for this game and the ones that are following for the rest of the season. It’s definitely one that you want to catch. Get ready to rumble for football 2013. Happy punting!

Corky Kell Classic Bowl Game Discount Admission Ticket

  • Georgia Dome
  • $5 off
  • Limit one coupon per customer

Corky Kell Classic Discount Coupon