Cedar Point Water Sports Discount Coupon

Are you on vacation? If you aren’t you need to be! Northcoast Parasail and Watersports is offering a PARASAIL RIDE OR WAVERUNNER RENTAL COUPON. That’s right! Water fun at it’s best. And it’s at the Hotel Breakers beach, which is gorgeous and lots of fun. You can’t beat that for anything in the world. It’s time to get  yourself together in the water because the summer is almost over. The weeks are winding down and you know you want to get that last little bit finished before you head off to school or work. It will go very fast too. When you blink, it will be mid-August and everything will go back to the way it was before school ended or you went on vacation. Winter will set in and you know you won’t be able to get into the water, unless you’re in Florida and that’s questionable too. It does get quite cold there, so if you heard any different, it’s a myth. Back to the parasail. It’s very safe for all ages and you will have an instructor right there. That sounds like an excellent group activity. Waverunners are also fun if you practice safe water sports. As with anything, a waverunner is a motor vehicle, just on the water so you want to take all precautions necessary to ensure your safety as well as others. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! Take this time to enjoy the rest of your summer on a beautiful beach where there is lots of sun and fun. Who knows what your schedule will be like next year, so its best to take advantage of this deal right now. It may not ever come again.

Northcoast Parasail and Water Sports Discount Coupon

  • $10 off parasail ride or waverunner rental
  • Cedar Point

Cedar Point Parasail ride and Waverunner Rental