Alpha Cleaners and Tailors Discount Coupon

Do you need dry cleaning services? Look no further! You can get great savings when you use this ALPHA CLEANERS AND TAILORS DISCOUNT COUPON. You can get 20% off dry cleaning services, $1.75 for dress shirts, $3 off an order of $10 or more, and $30 off laundry cleaned and boxed. You can’t get better than that! It’s a great feeling to be able to get your laundry done for a good price. You don’t see that too often. Usually, dry cleaning pricing is very high, and you tend to want to hand wash your things after you’ve paid quite a bit for a few shirts and pants to be cleaned. Alpha Cleaners and Tailors recognizes the need for items to be professionally cleaned sometimes. This coupon will really come in handy for a business person who is always on the go and doesn’t really have time to do laundry. This coupon will definitely be a lifesaver. There are certain items that need to be professionally cleaned and you shouldn’t have to pay an astronomical amount just to keep your things nice. Of course, you want a great job done, but you should be able to get that at a reasonable cost. Alpha Cleaners and Tailors has got you covered.  Making sure your clothes are in pristine condition is their priority. Take advantage of these savings and offerings while you can- these coupons may not last that long and you’ll be back to hand washing your items and ironing them by yourself. Don’t delay – get your shirts and pants in crisp condition for that special meeting, event or job interview. First impressions are lasting ones!

Alpha Cleaners and Tailors Discount Savings Coupon

  • 20% off Dry Cleaning
  • Dress Shirts $1.75 each
  • $30 off Clean and boxed items
  • $3 off Dry Cleaning order of $10 or more
  • Alpha Cleaners & Tailors Discount

Alpha Cleaners and Tailors Coupon 2013