$79.99 Brake Special at All Pro Auto Repair

It’s summer time and that means car servicing! If you’re getting on the road for a trip, or haven’t had your car serviced in quite some time, now is your chance to get in on tremendous savings with this All Pro Auto Repair Coupon with multiple discounts. With this coupon, you can get $79.99 off brake repair, $149.99 on axle repair, 10% off any service over $150.00, a free A/C system check,¬† and a free service engine check light. What’s even better, they will match and beat any locally written estimate! With so many savings, you’ll have a smooth ride and money in your pocket! Car repair can be expensive, especially when your car breaks down. Car maintenance is necessary to keep your car running great. Who wants to get stuck on the road, or even when you are traveling? There’s nothing worse than getting caught with bad brakes, or your A/C stops in this Florida heat. You’ll want to make sure everything is in tip top shape and working order while you can. As the summer ends, and the fall approaches, having¬† your car service done already will ensure you can make it through those cooler months, and will be ready for the winter. If this coupon isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is. Cars can be very temperamental like people – they want to be taken care of and pampered, just like we do. Doesn’t your car feel better after you’ve had it washed and detailed? Think about how well it will run and act once you get it serviced. Be good to your car!

All Pro Auto Repair Coupon 2013

  • All Pro Auto Repair multiple discount car repair coupon 2013
  • $79.99 brake special
  • $149.99 axle special (per axle)
  • 10% any service over $150.00
  • Free A/C system check
  • Free service engine check light
  • Will beat any price



All Pro Auto Repair Coupon 2013