$75.00 Hair Coloring at 123 Hair

Is it time to get your hair ready for a special event, or do you like to change your hair up for the summer? Time for a cute haircut or shaping? You can do all of the above with this multiple special 123 Hair Coupon! You can get $75 off highlights, $60 off a root retouch which includes a haircut and finish, $5 off hair cut and blow dry specials and if you’re a senior citizen, you can get $15% off all the services on Tuesdays! Who said looking good was too expensive? You’re well on your way to getting a complete hair makeover – at a reasonable price too! Everyone likes to look good and I’m sure you’re no different. The summer is full of activities and things to do. Having this coupon handy to get a quick service done will keep you looking good and money in your pocket for an extended shopping trip. Hair is the first thing people notice, especially healthy, beautiful hair. With a vibrant, summer color, you’ll look fabulous! With two locations to choose from, 123 Hair wants to help you create showstopping looks that can only be duplicated from a salon. Take some time and treat yourself today. With everyday hustle and bustle, it’s hard to find the time to get primped and pampered sometimes. Go ahead and get it done. You deserve it! We haven’t forgotten you men – we all know you like to look good too. 123 Hair can definitely help you with that – you’ll have all the ladies eating out of your hands! For quick haircuts and more, check them out.

Multiple-discount Hair 123 Coupon 2013

  • $75 Hair coloring services
  • $60 root retouch (includes hair cute and finish)
  • 15% off all services every Tuesday for seniors
  • $5 off cut and blow dry
  • Hair 124
  • Palm Beach, FL


123 Hair Coupon 2013