$250 off Centum Credit Point Mortgages

If you’ve been shopping for a new home or are in the process of trying to refinance, you may want to think about going to speak to someone over at Centum CreditPoint Mortgages. They’ve given a great Centum CreditPoint Mortgages Coupon that could be very beneficial to your finances. Right now, they are offering $250 off the closing costs on your purchase or refinance. In the home buying business, that’s gold! Any little bit helps, and if you’ve never bought a home, you will be thanking your lucky stars at the end when you can apply that coupon to your closing costs. It’s always a good thing to be able to keep money in your pocket. Another great incentive of this deal is that you can get up to $500 off your closing costs with a loan amount of $450,000. Wow! That’s a lot of house, but it may be one you’re looking at. Even at that threshold, saving money is a good – no, a great thing. As the market rebounds, Centum is right there in the forefront, offering great incentives. I’m sure if you call them, you can find out more information to assist you in your home buying process, especially if you’re a newbie. For those refinance folks, you know the drill, and I’m sure you’ve already assessed the value of this coupon. $250 extra in your pocket could go toward a minor improvement, or even toward groceries and cleaning supplies, which you’ll definitely need once you move into your new home. It’s an exciting time when thinking about taking that step. Make sure you’re getting all the advantages that are available out there. Happy closing!

Centum CreditPoint Mortgages Coupon 2013

  • $250 off closing costs on purchase or refinance
  • $500 off loans $450,000 or higher
  • One coupon per transaction
  • Not valid with any other discount offer


Centum CreditPoint Mortgages