$20% off at Pep Boys

Is your car in good shape? Are you having issues with your shocks and struts? You can get this problem solved with this PEP BOYS COUPON. That’s right, you can get your car road ready for your vacation with 20% off a purchase of shocks and struts that you can do yourself, or get 50% an installation of shocks and struts in store. Both are great deals, and you should get in on the sale while it lasts. I’m sure everyone will be running to do the same, the good part is, you have a coupon and will get money off that you can apply to your upcoming vacation. Just think about it – car running great. Check. Saving money which gives you more money to take on vacation – Check. Could you ask for more? Well, you could but you’ll have to talk to the service manager for that. While you’re at Pep Boys using your coupon, you can get everything else checked. And, if you’re a do it yourself type of person, they have a wide selection of car care products to get you going. Oil, transmission fluid, they even have car mats! Talk about a full-service shop to get it done! Head on down to your local Pep Boys and see what they can do for you. If you need tires, they’ve got a wide selection that could accommodate you. Timing belts, air flow handlers, mufflers … anything on a car, you can be sure Pep Boys has it to sell or can get yours straight for you. Your car will be thanking you profusely for the servicing.

Pep Boys Coupon 2013

  • 20% off do-it-yourself shocks and struts (carry-out only)
  • Can buy do-it yourself online with promo code SHOCKS20
  • 50% off installation of shocks and struts
  • Installation only with purchase of 2 or more
  • Pep Boys


Pep Boys Coupon 2013 Shock and Struts Install