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As many people know. The printer manufacturing companies like HP, Dell, Brother, Lexmark, Canon and Epson have created a market where the printers themselves are very high tech, connect to your wireless network and can multi-task jobs like scanning, faxing, printing, copying and automated document scanning. Unfortunately, these companies have made the everyday printer so enticing that pretty much everyone has an all in one printer now-a-days. The downside is how ink intensive these printers have become. They eat through ink like it’s their primary food source. And of course you end up buying new ink every month. And when you go to purchase new ink, you find that it is nearly the same price as the printer itself! Another scenario that requires you to purchase more ink is when you leave town. Say you have a summer home up north and come back some during the fall winter and spring; once you arrive home, your brand new printer ink will be dried out simply because they aren’t designed to last!

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