The Free Ride

 “You is kind. You is intelligent. You is beautiful.” These words resonated throughout the gripping movie, “The Help”. I just saw this film in the theatres this past weekend, immediately after I saw “The Debt”. It was a great night, two entertaining and stimulating movies for the price of one. My wife and I call this a double feature and this is an example of one of life’s FREEBIES.

In political terms, a FREEBIE is labeled as a free-ride (as I recite from my murky memory of high school AP Government) a free-ride is where a person receives all the benefits of a service without the costs or otherwise disadvantages. In politics, getting a free-ride can have serious consequences but in everyday living, this type of practice can save you thousands of dollars every year. Some people might call it stealing or immoral, but depending on what you do and how you do it, there are always two sides to the argument. Here’s just a few examples of FREEBIES, you tell me if you agree with any of these practices.


  1. Related to the Double Feature technique, paying for a children’s admission when purchasing a ticket from the credit card kiosk. Savings~$2.00 a ticket
  2. When living in a large city, metro stations can become costly. When I lived in Paris and when visiting New York, I simply hop the entrance bar. Savings~$1.00 – $2.00 each way
  3. I don’t do this, but I know plenty of people who do: How about getting a free water cup at Fast Food (Burger King) or quick prepare (like Chipotle) and filling it up with a soda despite the plastic being transparent. I personally think this is the most common FREEBIE. Savings~ $1.75 
  4. Living in an apartment or condo complex, one of your elderly neighbors has a wireless router setup but they don’t know how to put security on it. You either use it unsecured or offer them to secure it and save the password for personal use. No more internet bill! Savings~ $50 a month!
  5. Walking out of a restaurant, you take a mint. Okay just kidding, that’s just plain free.
  6. This one’s a little extreme, and pretty uncommon but in large cities, large chain bakeries and deli’s throw out their fresh unsold sandwiches and baked goods every weekend and most weeknights. They pack them up in clean bags, wrap that in another bag and then lock the dumpster to prevent wild animals from accessing it. I have a friend who actually had a skeleton key to all these dumpsters and ate free most days! She even gave me a weeks worth of sandwiches from her lot. I’m not gonna lie, they tasted great! And FREE! Savings~ $5.00+ a day 
  7. Using resources like Couch-Surfing to stay in random cities for free. Savings~$100 – $300 a night 
  8. Making lemonade from free lemons and water at a restaurant. I’d like to thank my grandpa for that one! Savings~$1.50 
  9. Charging your phone or computer at the outside outlets of strip malls and shopping centers. Savings~Probably not worth it 
  10. Using your handicapped grandparent’s blue tag to park closer. Savings~Your a douche 
  11. Using a $25 HD digital antenna/box to get the 6 to 8 main network shows in HD. Forget cable T.V. Savings~$75 a month minimum 
  12. When walking your dog in a public place. You find a garbage post with a pack of doggy bags for public use. You over use and grab a few more than needed. Savings~$1.00 


I know there’s an unlimited amount of things that people do to save a buck (without using a coupon) so leave me a comment with ideas and I’ll compile a new list soon!

Once again, this is the Print Coupon King bestowing more knowledge to ya!