Organic Girl Save $2 Printable Coupon!

Organics are the best way to go. That is, if you can afford it. Buying organic food is very expensive and isn’t sustainable to the average joe like me. That’s why we need the printable coupons to save a few bucks. I love to stay healthy as do most people so we try and go the organic route. It seems healthier, the producers are more careful with their food produce but once again, that extra care yields a higher price tag. So when I see a Printable coupon for an organic food product, I go for it all the way!

Organic Girl “good clean greens” is now offering a $2 discount from any and all of their organicgirl brand fresh produce. I’m assuming you can get their product at a wholefoods or similiar type of organic grocers. $2 is a lot to save so it’s exciting to be getting more then that penny most coupons offer. This printable coupon expires 9/30/2011 so jump on it!

Click. Print. Save.

organic girl super greens save $2