Home Depot Printable Coupon for Gardening

I’ve posted deals and coupons for Home Depot before, but this one is pretty practical. As the fall season approaches, people are cleaning their yards and planting the appropriate shrubbery and seasonal plants. Some people like to use backets and planters to keep the plants on their porch or window. Others like to plant in premade plant beds along pathways, borders or front and back yard. If you need a liner for your plants, Home Depot has a printable coupon that saves you money:

  • $2 OFF AquaSav™ Devon Baskets and Planters
    The AquaSav Devon Hanging Basket has a durable steel construction and rust-resistant finish. This hanging basket comes with an eco-friendly, biodegradable coco liner. Durable steel with a rust-resistant finish.
  • $1 OFF AquaSav™ Coco Liners
    The AquaSav Coco Liner features a built-in water tray that helps to absorb and retain moisture. This biodegradable liner is great for helping promote a healthy root system.

Just to verify that you have the right product or need to find it easier online, the product information is located below.

This offer is valid 10/5/2011 through 10/11/2011.  

$1 off AquaSav™ Coco Liners:
Store SKU # 837924 AquaSav™ 12 in. Coco Liner (Model 99070);
Store SKU # 586107 AquaSav™; 16 in. Hanging Basket Coco Liner (Model 99147)

$2 off AquaSav™ Devon Baskets and Planters:
Store SKU # 835185 AquaSav™ Devon 12 in. Hanging Basket (Model 99057)
Store SKU # 835845 AquaSav™ Devon 14 in. Bucket Hanging Basket (Model 99059)
Store SKU # 586865 AquaSav™ Devon 24 in. Window Box Planter (Model 99141).

Printable Coupon Located Below:

homedepot coupon basket planter and liner