Free 1/4 Chicken With Rice and Beans No Coupon Necessary

Pollo Tropical is such a great fast food restaurant. I don’t know their cooking practices but I can see them working in the back and it looks pretty clean to me. They food tastes great. It’s cheap and they always have coupons and discounts. Here is one interesting but worth while special.

Okay, so this doesn’t happen much. But Pollo Tropical is only letting this happen TODAY. I repat TODAY 9/15/11 only. Today is their self proclaimed National Chicken Lover’s Day. If you dress in yellow and cluck at the counter, you will get a FREE 1/4 chicken with rice and beans “CODE67” this is the coupon code that they use to legitimize your claim.

This is a serious offer, this is not a joke. Go claim your free chicken today!